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Bowling Ball Test Clip

Bowling Ball and PinsWatch the Movie!This is my first CG animation. It was made with Autodesk Maya 8.5 for an assignment in an animation class at school. The assignment was to make a bouncing ball animation with key frame animation using the "stretch and squash" style. Yes, I know bowling balls don't bounce. :-)

What Other People Have Said:

    "Well, Bowling balls dont stretch and squash, so it looks pretty unrealistic. Other than that, its pretty cool, but the sounds are crap." -Rsteenoven,

    "It looks reasonable good, though the ball shouldn't really be stretching as it falls towards the ground. The sound effect was very odd as well, though that's more irrelevant." -Night Owl,

    "That was cool aside from the unrealistic nature of the bowling ball (although it made the clip kind of funny - it would be cool to see it with an upbeat little tune in the background). Now I've got the urge to go upstairs and play bowling in Wii Sports." -Shale,

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