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The Great Train Robbery

1903 Movie poster

Update: We're working on some CG effects for this film, mainly a running LEGO Horse. Click here for more details.

The Great Train Robbery is a silent black and white Western film made in 1903. It was a milestone film, being the first to use several techniques that were quite advanced for its day.

Nelson Studios is recreating The Great Train Robbery in LEGO. Most of our version will be paralell to the original, but we're taking some "creative liberties" to make the movie more interesting. For example, one scene in the original movie shows around 50 people getting off the train. The entire process lasts about 2 minutes, which is very tedious.

From Edison Films catalog, no. 200, Jan. 1904: "This sensational and highly tragic subject will certainly make a decided hit whenever shown. In every respect we consider it absolutely the superior of any moving picture ever made. It has been posed and acted in faithful duplication of the genuine 'Hold Ups' made famous by various outlaw bands in the far West, and only recently the East has been shocked by several crimes of the frontier order, which fact will increase the popular interest in this great Headline Attraction."

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