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Coming soon from Nelson Studios Animation- Classic fairy tales with LEGO Star Wars characters! Our first Episode will be an adaption of Goldielocks & the 3 Bears, called Goldie Sith and the 3 Jedi. Also planned is a Star Wars version of Cinderella.

Nelson Studios needs you!

We're looking for people to fill 4 parts in this film! See details in the official announcement on To respond, e-mail us at feedback*no@spam* (remove "*no" and "spam*")

Production Status:
Script: 100%
Storyboard: 95%
Voice Recording: 28%
Set Design: 89%
Animation: 1%
Special Effects: 1%
Editing: 0%
Production has been postponed in favor of other projects. We will finish it eventually, though!

Click Here to see an exclusive sneak peak- 2 pages of the Goldie Sith and the Three Jedi storyboard!
Click Here to see more exclusive behind the scenes material for Goldie Sith! This is an old topic on the message boards, please do not "bump" the topic by posting new comments. :)

The Characters:
Mace Windu
Ki-Adi Mundi
Goldie Sith ("Darth Molly")

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