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Herbie the Love Bug Released: Jun 28, 2006 8 sec 842 KB
The scene from The Love Bug where Herbie jumps across a lake, recreated in LEGO.

This was made for a montage of famous movie scenes recreated as Brickfilms that was shown at Brickfest 2006.

LEGO Twister Released: Apr 28, 2006 14 sec 0.99 MB
Twister A short test to see if Isaac could animate a couple LEGO Minifigs playing Twister.

This was a fun little test, inspired by someone on It isn't perfect, but I got some positive feedback.

Sleepy Hollow Released: Oct 31, 2005 approx. 4 min 22 MB
Sleepy Hollow Washington Irving's classic story of Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman retold with LEGO minifigures.

This is our longest short film to date. We learned a lot from making it.

Watch for the re-make coming in 2007!

Bad Guy Boom Released: Nov 2005 1 min 11 sec 6.17 MB
A police chase with a twist at the end...

We animated Bad Guy Boom before The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, but actually released it a day or two after.

Silver Job Released: Jan 2004 1 min 28 sec 7.58 MB
Silver Job A construction worker goes on a quest to find a Silver LEGO Brick.

This was our first brickfilm., animated in about 3 hours with the LEGO Studios software and camera. We've sure come a long way since then...

Works in Progress

Great Train Robbery Anticipated Release: Spring 2008 ~10 minutes
1903 Movie Poster Remake of Thomas Edison's 1903 silent Western (IMDB entry: here). Original film available for free download from the Library of Congress.

Status: Two scenes have been shot, about ready to shoot the third.
StarWars: Goldie-Sith Anticipated Release: Summer 2008 Undetermined
Star Wars: Goldie-Sith and the 3 Jedi "Goldielocks and the Three Bears" re-told with LEGO Star Wars characters. Click here for more info.

Status: Storyboarded.
Sleepy Hollow (remake) Anticipated Release: Summer 2008 approx. 4 min.
Image coming soon! We're completely re-animating The Legend of Sleepy Hollow with our new camera and better skills (You know, like nunchuck skills, bowhunting skills, computer hacking skills...). Sleepy Hollow is a great story, and one of our favorite films we've made, so it makes sense to make it better!

Status: Planning underway.
Video Game Chaos Anticipated Release: Late 2008  Undetermined
Image coming soon! A computer geek gets sucked into his computer and has to make his way through several classic video games, such as Tetris and Whack-a-Mole.

Status: Most of the general planning has been done and 2 scenes have been shot.

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